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Who are we?View our very affordable pricing. Website building, hosting and more.What we do when we build your website.Join us today and start earning tomorrow.Here's a few things that may help before you contact me.

Mousepads - Sweatshirts - Pocket T-shirts - T-shirts and more!

How does it work?

Our service is pretty easy to understand and straight forward.

You sell your product and send us the wholesale order. We print, pack and ship to your customer under your label.

We use ONLY Gilden Ultra Cotton - 6.1 oz heavyweight. Please click the 'Product List' to see our current offering and what is coming.

1. You supply the artwork in which you need imprinted onto the products. Simply upload your artwork to us, from the members area, and we store your full sized artwork on our servers to fill your orders.

Your artwork is NOT used for anyone else's products.

2. When you send your wholesale order to us, we print your image on the products ordered.

....................................................Blank Shirt....................Printed Shirt

3. Your order(s) are printed, inspected and shipped to the address YOU specify.

4. You are then notified by e-mail of every shipment.

Our address does NOT appear in or on any packages.

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It is up to you to get your sales - by your own methods - auction, website sales, business cards, word of mouth, flyers, posters, ads ,etc...

3. Additionally, you can order samples of the products to use to take orders.

4. All orders are processed in 1 to 2 business days plus allow 1-4 days for shipping.

5. Our payment processing plan is using Paypal merchant services.

6. Shipping charges: Shipping is done using the USPS (Post Office). I only charge what it costs to pack & ship your orders. I do not make a profit on shipping charges.

Returns: If any product proves to be defective or your customer is not satisfied, we will replace the defective product or refund your wholesale cost back to you. Shipping charges (if applicable), are NOT refundable.

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EXCEPTION: If the return is due to your submitted artwork such as the image was, for lack of a better word, poor, or the quality of the original artwork is unacceptable to your customer, then you should check your e-mail(s) from us. To learn more about artwork, please click HERE

When you send us your images:

  • We check the artwork to be sure it IS ready to use

  • If the image needs to be cleaned, enlarged, edited, etc., you will be notified by e-mail as to the problem(s) with your artwork.

  • Your image MUST BE sent at FULL SIZE 1500x1500 pixels ..... and preferable at 200 DPI

  • If you send us the original artwork/photo, etc., we will scan it for you free of charge. Your artwork will be returned undamaged.

  • If you artwork is sent by CD or other means, your artwork MUST BE READY TO USE. This means no editing, cleaning up or enlarging.

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  Questions? Please contact us

  What we offer:

  • No Cost or fee for using our dropshipping service

  • Unlimted amount of images for your store products

  • Great for Ebay and other auction sites

  • No minimum purchases

  • Fast production and shipping time

  • No fees, obligations ever

  • Ship worldwide** We do not ship to Italy, France and all of Africa.

  • and a lot more.

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How Does It Work l Who We Are l Product List l FAQ's l Contact Me l Join Us I Resellers Login