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Mousepads - Sweatshirts - Pocket T-shirts - T-shirts and more!

Who We Are

  • We have been custom printing t-shirts, mousepads, ceramic tiles, etc... since August, 1987.
  • 1993 started teaching people how to print t-shirts and more.
  • We are still the industries leading heat transfer training source
  • We produce our own 'How To' videos, DVD's and manuals for the printing industry.
  • 2007 we started offering pre-built stores for schools, fundraisers, etc...
  • 2008 we are now offering our own, exclusive dropshipping service to select members

About Us

After printing t-shirts and teaching others how to print, thru the years we finally realized that our real niche is providing a Print On Demand (POD) service for schools, fundraisers, non-profit organizations and for the home operated business.

Schools and other organizations needed a reliable source where they can purchase/sell only what they need to raise money for their various drives. Home operated businesses needed an honest source where they could get their orders printed and shipped directly to their customer without the high expense of purchasing expensive equipment and inventory.

We now offer our custom printing services ONLY as a POD service. Our efforts and resources are focused only on a total committment to quality, service, fair pricing and on time delivery.

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How Does It Work l Product List l FAQ's l Contact Me l Join Us I Resellers Login