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POD Services and What Are They?

POD means Print On Demand.

Without going into a lot of wasted details, a POD service is usually where a company will allow you to upload your artwork onto their servers.

When your artwork has been uploaded, you may place your images onto the various products they offer such as t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, coasters, hoodies, etc...

Most POD services also offer you a store where you may offer your printed products to be sold to the public. It's a real store where you can setup sections by products or artwork designs.

Some POD services offer a free and/or a premium type store setup.

When a customer visits your store, they simply select the product (t-shirts) with that design on it and order it, right from your store. You do nothing as the POD service will fill the order to your customer and credit you with the profit that you made on each sale.


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